(Manjari Hub for Social Innovation and Entrepreneurship)

A mindset-changing incubator exclusively for India’s underserved

Born out of the legacy of our parent organisation-Manjari Foundation and Co-founders in building women’s
institutions and community enterprises with bottom billions, MaHSIE is the first innovation hub of its kind to be established in the aspirational district of Dholpur. Over time, we seek to create a vibrant ecosystem that nurtures ideas and innovations emerging from the grassroots and ushers in a new wave of entrepreneurship in India’s untapped hinterland.


The vast majority of incubators and start-ups today are concentrated in major metropolitan cities. India needs more innovations focussing on the needs of the common man and designing the solutions with the community to reduce the feedback loop. Our experience working in the rural areas has taught us a valuable lesson - when people are mobilized into institutions, they hold the collective potential to bring lasting change to their communities.

MaHSIE incubators and start-ups today are concentrated in major metropolitan cities
Transforming Rural Livelihoods MaHSIE Foundation, Manjari Foundation

We Are Enablers

We are not in the business of selection. We build capacities and nurture ideas, allowing the market to determine viability.

We Are A Launch-pad

We hand-hold entrepreneurs, offering tools, training, guidance and resources to bring ideas to action.

We Are Sector-agnostic

We have built expertise in some sectors, yet we recognise that one size cannot fit all. Rather than sectors, we prioritise ideas that create impact.

We serve the bottom billions

We nurture the ideas for the bottom billions and build the prototype to develop the ecosystem for the bottom billions.

Our Impact

Our Network

Women Mobilised





(Rajasthan, UP, MP & Uttarakhand)

Our Focused Areas

Hands on strategic and operational solutions for existing models to achieve scale and financial viability.

Incubation and Community Technology centre, Mahsie, Manjari Foundation

Customize help to test those products on the ground with our vast network of SHGs, federations in Rajasthan, Madhya Pradesh and in Chhattisgarh.

Access of state-of-the-art community technology center for developing hardware product development and quality testing.

Technical Support, MaHSIE, Manjari Foundation

Requirement based support and mentorship on access to capital, go-to-market strategies, compliance, accounting, taxation, legal, talent management, succession planning and etc.

One-to-one coaching and capacity building support for entrepreneurs by compassionate mentors.

Business connections and networks, scrutiny by experts, collaboration opportunities and support in enhancing customer experience, building online presence, and market linkages.

Unique support to find Co-founders and critical talents.

Mentorship Programme, Mahsie Foundation

Assistance in creating and refining pitch decks, DPRs and selecting the most appropriate modes of finance for seeds and its funding series.

Linkages to donors, angel/VC investors, banks, NBFCs and financial institutions, govt. schemes.

Access to Capital, Mahsie Foundation

Our Focused Areas

MaHSIE has accumulated a wealth of knowledge and expertise in three key sectors, owing to the work of its parent organization,
Manjari Foundation across Rajasthan, Uttar Pradesh, Madhya Pradesh and Uttarakhand.

Natural resource & renewable energy, Focus Sector,Mahsie

Natural Resource & Renewable Energy

Climate-positive solutions to conserve and regenerate depleting natural resources including projects to conserve and improve access to clean water, solar and other renewable sources of energy, and etc.

Farm and non-farm sectors, Focus Sector, Mahsie

Farm and Non-farm Sectors

Innovations in technology and processes that enhance productivity and the transition to environmentally sustainable, and organic practices.

Education and health, Mahsie

Education and Health

Initiatives that expand access to learning, skill development, access to health and wellness for rural, and underserved populations.

Partners & Resources

Providing entrepreneurs with what matters most.

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