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The vast majority of incubators and start-ups today are concentrated in major metropolitan cities. India needs more innovations focussing on the needs of the common man and designing the solutions with the community to reduce the feedback loop. Our experience working in the rural areas has taught us a valuable lesson - when people are mobilized into institutions, they hold the collective potential to bring lasting change to their communities.

Launched on the 152nd birth anniversary of Bapu, MaHSIE is guided by the Gandhian ideology of self-sufficiency rooted in the concepts of Swadeshi of (One's own country/community), Sarvodaya (Upliftment for all) and Swaraj (Self-governance).

Over the years of work in women’s institution-building, we realise that social entrepreneurship holds the key to transformation and has the potential of uplifting communities out of poverty towards self-reliance.

MaHSIE will serve as a launchpad for social innovators by offering an incubative work-space along with mentorship, and a host of tools, resources and networks to facilitate their growth and empowerment.

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MaHSIE seeks to curate an ecosystem that enables best-in-class and contextual developmental
solutions for the bottom billions, providing tools, technology, expertise and
networks to kick start and strengthen new innovations.

Identify and support entrepreneurs and business models to build capacities through a structured incubation and mentoring program.

Facilitate access to capital from different stakeholders of

Offer technical assistance to validate business models, improve quality and operational standards, build strategies for financial viability and facilitate go-to-market strategies and scaling up.

Assist entrepreneurs in developing, testing and launching new innovations for impact in underserved geographical regions.

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Whether you are dabbling with a new concept or looking to strengthen your business,
at MaHSIE, you can convert your compassion into action.

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Presently, the first wave of entrepreneurship is evolving in the major cities of India, majorly drawing inspiration from the industrial nations, India has seen the rise of a vibrant start-up ecosystem that is catering to the needs of the top 10% of the population. However, a large majority of the Indian population (nearly 70%) in smaller cities and the interiors of India have been missed to participate in it. We would like to democratize entrepreneurship and nurture the cause-driven entrepreneurs, innovators, compassionate bridge of networks to enable the next wave of entrepreneurship in Bharat.

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How We Are Bridging The Divide

India needs a second wave of entrepreneurship to pave the way for the products and solutions
for the bottom billions that can address the unique contextual developmental needs vast population.

MaHSIE Will Adopt A Dual Focus

  • A. Contextual innovations and business models for Bottom billions

    Rural India has unique challenges requiring innovative bottom-up solutions. Over the years, Manjari Foundation has laid a strong foundation across Rajasthan and Madhya Pradesh through its numerous interventions to build local capacities and improve the overall quality of rural life. As a next step, MaHSIE seeks to encourage and empower aspirants who would like to build solutions for the bottom billions.

  • Unlike the mainstream, entrepreneurs who would like to work with bottom billions, by virtue of being based in the aspirational Dholpur district, MaHSIE is strategically positioned to democratize entrepreneurship in the region and serve as a ‘go-to-place for such aspirants, providing them access of our platform to compete in the market on better footing.

Our Legacy - Manjari Foundation

Strengthening women-led institutions at the grassroots

'Manjari’ literally translates to “Seed of Tulsi”, a sacred Indian plant.
When women mobilise themselves to form institutions,
they are empowered to sow their own ‘Seeds of Change’

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Manjari Foundation is a registered non-profit organization established in May 2015, Manjari’s founders set out on a mission to uplift rural communities by building resilient and self-sustainable women-led institutions.

Four pillars of grassroots engagement:

Using women’s institutions as the medium, Manjari Foundation is implementing a host of thematic programs designed to bring about an overall improvement in the quality of rural life.
These interventions are focused on improving:

Agricultural productivity, better dairy and livestock practices, enhancing rural livelihoods, creating sustainable micro-entrepreneurship, natural resource & renewable energy, digital literacy, farm and non-farm sectors, education and health.

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